Building a feedback app (MAP)




Validate a gamification feedback app for companies.

My Role

Design Sprint, Wireframes low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes


Creating everything from scratch


People are looking for recognition/appreciation either from their company or their superior or even from a coworker. The core idea behind Copper was to promote and facilitate giving feedback. The app is an easy and playful way of giving feedback to coworkers. In the future we will expand its functions to allow ratings and several functions for the HR department. The challenge was to create the app in a short period of time.


Who follows them? Do they know their followers?

Have they ever had sponsored contents?

If yes, how did they share the sponsored content?

Have they ever tried to use an app for this purpose?

Is they actively looking for opportunities to share sponsored content?

Has they ever participated in GetVirality campaigns? If yes, what is they experience? If no, why not?

Target group

We had a little argument about who should we choose as a priority: the Team Leader or the Team Member. In the end we ended up choosing those who greatly influence others. That person might be a Team Member who the team listens to and who can convince the whole team (including the Team Leader) to use the app. Or it can be a Team Leader or a HR representative as well.

As a conclusion, we drew up a user map.


After the initial sketches and wireframing the prototype was born:

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