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Logo Design

My Role

Research, design and present my logo designs


We wanted to distinguish ShopRenter from the other webshop engines


Designing the right logo for a company is crucial for branding. For ShopRenter it was especially important since this webshop engine has more than 3400 clients.


The first step in designing the logo is getting to know the company. The more information we manage to collect in our research the easier to design the logo and this makes easier to create materials for the brand image as well.

What does the company do? What service or product does it sell?

What are its company values and goals? What’s its vision?

Who are its clients and employees?

What distinguishes the company from its competition?

Which colors define most the company?

Positioning ShopRenter for the new logo designs

If you’re interested in logo designing fill in this prerequisite and send it to me in email.


During the talks we had with ShopRenter we found out that the new logo is needed for several reasons. On one hand they want to redesign the whole admin interface and on the other hand, they have a new goal of not only providing a webshop engine to their clients but also a whole ecosystem.

Our main goal was to make it more simple. It is a common tendency that as a brand gets stronger, its design gets more simple.


When it came to colors, one criterion was to keep the original green color of the logo but spice it up with some black.


When it came to colors, one criterion was to keep the original green color of the logo but spice it up with some black.



As the first concept, I chose a common topic: shopping. I started to think along the lines of the usual shopping cart and bags.

Keywords and plans

Shopping bag, Smile, Innovation, Kindness, Client Oriented Approach, Networks



Keep it simple

The second concept was simplicity. Using the given colors I created to most simple logos possible. I included only a little playfulness in the letters ‘p’ and ‘R’ into the simple sans-serif typography. In the second version, I included a little smiley to represent the company’s new tone and customer oriented approach.

Keywords and plans

Simplicity, Confidence, Integration, Innovation, Straightforwardness, Smile, Kindness, Customer Oriented Approach



ShopRenter Ecosystem

The third concept was connected to creating the ecosystem. I wanted to create an icon that is easy to remember and also easy to use for further marketing purposes.

Keywords and plans

Ecosystem, Re-usability, AppStore, Price tag, System, Innovation, Application, Software



All logo designing processes end with a presentation. My goal is to communicate the concepts and train of thoughts behind the variations of the logo with any other ideas I had.

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