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Ecommerce Expo Budapest


Flyers, posters and videos for conferences

My Role

Editing intro video & Creating press ready documents


Working with tight deadlines to edit an intro video


I made several promotional materials such as flyers, posters and videos in close cooperation with the marketing team and the organizers.

Ecommerce Expo Intro videos

I was fortunate enough to work on the biggest e-commerce expo in Hungary for many years in a row. The Ecommerce Expo intro videos are seen by more than 2000 people each year, therefore, we always pay great attention to planning. First, we discussed the brief, which is followed by a longer process of cutting the video itself during which we continuously updated each other and finally we put the video together second by second based on the feedback we got. We made the video below in 3 days for the 2019 Ecommerce Expo:


"Who we are" video for

Print ready posters, flyers and roll-ups