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I‘m a Full-stack Designer with six years of experience. I help startups with everything from prototyping, branding, product design and optimizing design workflow. With a solid background of coding I love working with dev teams. I also have a podcast and a blog for sharing my thoughs and experience.
Email me if you think we should be working together on interesting projects.

Digital Design

UI / UX design

Wireframing / Prototyping

Landing page design

Building Design Systems


Logo design

Corporate identity

Print works


All-in-One Solution

Pixel Perfect Design in WordPress

Flexible integrations

Easy content updates

High converting website for your business

I deliver brand experiences, wireframes and minimalistic websites.


UX Design / UI Design / Front-end

Website design for your business

I design and Build websites with Elementor

Product Design / UX Design / Prototyping

Service design for startups

The dance between prototyping and iteration has revolutionized how we learn.

Branding / Logo Design

Logo design and branding

Your logo design is a key part of your brand identity.

Product Design / Research / UX Design

3-day workshop with UX Studio

User interviews, prototyping features, testing – all within 3 days

Front-end dev

SVG Animations for decrease the load time

Creating meaningful, responsive animations with code

Design Sprint / UX Design / UI Design

Building a feedback app (MAP)

I worked closely with the validation team to creating a proto for validation

Print / Video

Print and video

Editing intro video & Creating press ready flyers and posters


Digital illustrations just for fun 🙂

One of my favorite activity is drawing